The Barnes Group Advisors and Tiziri Advanced Manufacturing Technologies Enter License Agreement

As a result of the agreement with The Barnes Group Advisors, Tiziri Advanced Manufacturing Technologies has license to Activate AM training materials for customers in Africa and the Middle East.

The Barnes Group Advisors (TBGA), a leading global Additive Manufacturing Engineering Consultancy focused on the industrialization of the technology announced that it has signed an intellectual property license agreement providing Tiziri Advanced Manufacturing Technologies (TiziriTech) access to The Barnes Group Advisors’s Activate AM training portfolio. As a result of this agreement, TiziriTech has a license to TBGA’s AM training materials to facilitate on-site training workshops for customers located in Africa and the Middle East.

Through this agreement with The Barnes Group Advisors, TiziriTech has ready access to all training and educational materials in the Activate AM portfolio, including Discover AM (an essentials course), Focus AM (a technology & materials course), Accelerate AM (a design course), Empower AM (a business and economics course), and other speciality courses. The agreement helps to promote the safe growth and adoption of AM in Africa and the Middle East, and will accelerate the AM community in region using local resources.

The Activate AM course portfolio. Image via The Barnes Group Advisors

“We are anxious to contribute to the global expansion and adoption of AM, and we recognize there are different answers for different parts of the world, “ says Alison Wyrick Mendoza, Business Leader for Training Services, The Barnes Group Advisors. “The TiziriTech team has requisite technical experience, a strong local network, and extensive language skills. Learning about AM is one thing, hearing it in your own language is another.”

Born and raised in Algeria and now based in South Africa, TiziriTech’s Malika Khodja is fluent in Arabic, French, English, and Afrikaans. “I am excited to use my proficiency in languages to communicate with people from the region to help develop additive manufacturing,” says Khodja.

“In order for additive manufacturing to grow in Africa and the Middle East, it is imperative to improve human capital development through training and research,” says Hein Moller, Director, Tiziri Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. “As well, The Barnes Group Advisors offer training courses based on customer requirements. Since the Africa and Middle East region is vast, with many different training needs, it makes TBGA the logical option to use.”

Additive Manufacturing has the capability to transform products and processes and, if managed effectively, can make a significant contribution to organizational performance, economic growth, and social well-being. Both organizations believe that high quality AM training will provide an increase to the degree of maturity of AM technology in region and will equip local industries with the ability to develop AM products that are suitable for growth and production.

“This agreement expands on our mission to build effective partnerships for sustainable AM development,” says John Barnes, Managing Director, The Barnes Group Advisors. “I’m also personally excited to help another entrepreneurial team.”

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