China’s first 3D printing bridge completed by Shanghai Construction Machinery Group will be put into use

Shanghai Construction Machinery Group has recently completed the China’s first 3D printed resin landscape bridge that will be put into use. After installation, the public can go to Taopu Zhichuang City Central Park, stand on the bridge and touch the 15-meter long distance.

3D printing is not only a brand new way of building, but also a subversion of traditional architectural patterns. At the landscape bridge 3D printing site, the printing robots methodically spit, beat and glue, not only the workers are small, but also the site is clean and tidy, no dust and construction waste are generated. In addition to the reduction of labor costs and the improvement of civilized construction, the entire landscape bridge printing took less than 40 days, and the intelligent construction made a big leap in speed.

The gantry composite 3D printing robot system developed by Shanghai Construction Engineering Machinery Group is the “contributor” of the successful completion of the first 3D landscape bridge in China. This system is mainly composed of 3-axis gantry structure, 6-axis high-precision industrial robot, high-speed extrusion device (CNC nozzle), which makes 3D printing more accurate, larger in size and more space structure to be satisfied. As a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai, Shanghai Construction Engineering Machinery Group’s 3D printing equipment has reached the millimeter level, and the printing output is large and the stability is good. As a set of intelligent construction equipment, it can also realize intelligent manufacturing and material addition in the later stage. Integration.

As the important research center of Shanghai Construction Engineering Group, the Digital Construction 3D Construction Center will further research and promote 3D printing technology, and make 3D printing more popular in the construction field, allowing intelligent construction and intelligent buildings. Better serve urban construction.

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