MakerBot provides 3D printing technology to German media centre network for educational purposes

MakerBot is supplying a 34-strong network of media centres with 3D printing technology and educational materials in southern Germany.

The desktop 3D printing vendor has announced a partnership with LandesmedienzentrumBaden-Württemberg (LMZ), which offers technology, advanced media, and technical support to students, educators, youth workers, and adult education institutions within the region. It sees MakerBot provide LMZ with Replicator+ printing platforms, MakerBot Print software, MakerBot Educator Guidebooks, and training.

LMZ has recently launched the Experiencing 3D programme which has been designed to support students with practical skills and knowledge around 3D printing, design, modelling and visualisation. Through this programme, schools and other educational institutions can access 3D printing technologies and use the technology and supplementary documentation to help build new skills. The organisation is also setting up ‘Makerspaces’ within its media centres in Stuttgart. Equipped with Method and Replicator+ printers, computers and smartboards, LMZ will offer extracurricular courses and workshops.

“Experiencing 3D is designed to help schools integrate 3D printing into its curriculums across different disciplines,” commented Hans-Jügen Rotter, Head of SMZ Stuttgart. “In education, we have to move away from our rigid disciplinary division to an interdisciplinary teaching method. 3D printing enables us to teach different subjects in new and exciting ways by illustrating concepts through physical prototypes. For example, we can teach technical subjects, such as physics, by explaining physical laws based on 3D objects. 3D technologies open up a new world of opportunities within education.”

“As education continues to transform from a static format to a more interactive approach, we believe 3D printing will become a crucial component for future learning,” added Nadav Goshen, CEO, MakerBot. “3D printing brings project-based learning to life and allows students to work on real-world applications, empowering them with 21st century career skills.”

Source: tctmagazine

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