LIMB-Art teams up with Design Reality to 3D print prosthetic leg covers

Prosthetic leg cover design firm LIMB-Art is harnessing 3D printing to produce its products through service provider Design Reality.

LIMB-Art and Design Reality are both based in North Wales and, working together, are leveraging the capabilities of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 4200 platform to create custom prostheses covers quickly and cost-effectively.

Founded last year by former Paralympic swimmer Mark Williams and his wife Rachael, LIMB-Art offers a series of prosthetic leg covers with different colours and aesthetics. There are also multiple specialty finishes available and customers have the ability to create their own custom design too.

The company has moved to integrate HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology to take advantage of the design benefits of manufacturing additively and expand the opportunities available to the business and its clients. Using a robust and durable thermoplastic material on the HP 3D printing platform is said to enhance the quality of LIMB-Art’s products, and by recycling the unused powder, the company is also able to do its bit for the environment.

“Working with HP and Design Reality means that we can move away from traditional production methods where we’d typically use an injection mould one design at a time, limiting our customer base and available styles,” commented Williams, Director and Owner of LIMB-Art. “We can now uniquely print any shape or pattern we want with HP Jet Fusion technology, which enables endless customisation and limitless creativity. HP Jet Fusion technology really sets us apart from the competition and has enabled us to sell into the NHS and gain support from leading prosthetic manufacturers like Otto-Bock.”

By expanding the variation in its product offering, thanks in large part to 3D printing, LIMB-Art is hoping it will be able to generate enough profit from the sales of adult prosthetic leg covers to then offer the same product to children free of charge.


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