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Indian 3D Printing Network to provide conducive environment for AM to grow in India.

Industry stakeholders at Roundtable

CNT Expositions and Services LLP (CNT) successfully launched the Indian 3D Printing Network (I3DPn) concept along with a new online presence at, at a first of many Invite only Roundtable, held at Courtyard Marriott in Mumbai. For the past 4 years, CNT has been to engaged with the 3D Printing/AM community on a constant basis and has been organising many different modules to help this industry grow in India. CNT also organises the Inside 3D Printing Mumbai tradefair which is the largest business network forum for AM in India.

Indian 3D Printing network is the first comprehensive platform for the Additive manufacturing in India to provide offline and online network opportunity to the AM industry. The online portal, a lot more than a media property, will provide latest news, insights, case studies and market research.

The launch event of Indian 3D Printing network, witnessed key 3D Printing stakeholders from Mumbai and around. They shared their thoughts and insights on the Indian AM industry, as well as their opinion on our new concept of I3DPn.

Aditya Chandavarkar speaks at the Indian 3D Printing Network roundtable
Aditya Chandavarkar speaks at the Indian 3D Printing Network roundtable

The launch of I3DPn and Roundtable – Future of Indian AM Industry started off with an opening session by the Co-Founder of CNT, Aditya Chandavarkar, who gave an introduction to the I3DPn initiatives, along with the insights from Formnext 2018. He presented the I3DPn roadmap for catalysing the Indian AM industry which details the following key points:

  • Providing market intelligence to shape a better AM strategy for India
  • Alliances with international entities
  • Larger industrial AM trade fair in 2019
  • Sharing Indian AM success stories globally via the media platform

Aditya also drew attention towards the goals of I3DPn for 2019, with a main focus on publishing the Indian AM Report which will map the India Additive manufacturing industry and its aspirations.

In response to Aditya, David Tan Jee Boon (Head of Sales, AP and Japan, Formlabs) said “India is a potential market for 3D printing, it is for sure not lacking in technical know-how. However it is facing some challenges – companies in India should plan a strategy to develop 3D printing in India and Indian government should invest into AM industry to scale up the applications of Additive Manufacturing”.

After the opening session, Dilip Raghavan, Co-Founder of CNT, shared his experience in community building. Dilip gave a brief insight on I3DPn and discussed about the growth and trends in the AM industry. He also reflected the possible applications of 3D printing into various industries like automotive and medical. According to him, the leading materials companies that are involved in the production of filament, polymer and powder can provide significant boost to the industry with new applications in AM.

Dilip said, “I3DPn will focus on market report, market trends and market size in 2019. Through this event, we wanted to frame a strategy together to build the future of 3D printing in India.”

The event witnessed the active participation of delegates and discussion on the Indian AM industry and what all are the key focus for scaling up the applications of 3D printing by the industry stakeholders.

One of the delegates suggested that I3DPn should also serve as an online forum, where industry experts or professionals can come together to interact and discuss their problems, new ideas and trends. This will help in building the Indian AM industry.

Founder-Partner at Parksons Technologies, Viral Parikh, gave a suggestion of hosting workshops for applications so that people get to know how 3D printing process. This will build interest in people to learn more about the AM.

At the event, Tanmay Shah from Imaginarium who are also Lead Partners of the upcoming Inside 3D Printing Mumbai event shared his thoughts and experience on being associated with I3DPn. He gave his best wishes to this new concept and focussed on the Indian AM industry. According to him, “India’s pockets are full of fantastic innovations in 3D Printing, but all this developments are happening without any ambitions or proper guidelines. This leads to the necessity of platform for 3D Printing.”

For building a great future for AM industry in India, Tanmay highlighted three things that should be the key focus for all the 3D printing companies and industrial experts.

  • Awareness
  • Accessibility
  • Augmentation

Another speaker at the roundtable, Firoza Kothari, Co-Founder of Anatomize 3D, shared a global overview on Healthcare AM. She discussed the Additive Manufacturing scenario in the medical industry, highlighting the significance of 3D printing in medical applications, challenges, current market scenario, expected market scenario and bio-printing.

Dilip concluded the event by thanking the participants “We cannot thank you enough for your support and for your continuing support for all these years. We hope that you will take advantage of the many opportunities here at the I3DPn to learn, to collaborate, and to be inspired.”

The success of the inaugural event is a testament to CNT’s commitment to offering a world class ecosystem for additive manufacturing through its new Indian 3D Printing Network concept (I3DPn).

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Aditya Chandavarkar

Aditya Chandavarkar

Aditya Chandavarkar is a established entrepreneur with business interests in manufacturing, innovative technology and consulting. He is the co-founder of CNT Expositions and Services (acronym for Catalysing New Technologies), which was subsequently formed by the acquisition of Inkjet Forum India – a leading knowledge sharing platform for inkjet printing technology founded by him. At Inkjet Forum India, Aditya was single handedly responsible for conceptualizing and organizing conferences and educations programs, in the area of digital textile printing and industrial inkjet.