Farsoon announces new Flight Technology at TCT Asia 2019

Farsoon announces the development of its new Flight™ Technology which will enhance the productivity of the current state – of – art plastic laser sintering technology to a new level at the TCT Asia 2019.

With a background of over 25 year’s in the additive manufacturing industry, Farsoon has dedicated itself to innovating and advancing laser sintering technology. Learning from the market and customer needs Farsoon has moved to address the need for higher levels of productivity, improved feature details, and enhanced operational efficiency and flexibility. Developed to address these issues, Flight™ Technology will offer customers never before seen performance from laser sintering technology.

Flight™ Technology or Fiber Light™ Technology takes advantage of powerful fiber lasers in place of the standard CO₂ lasers found in standard laser sintering systems. A fiber system is capable of delivering greatly increased power to the powder bed. Due to the more robust and stable nature of a fiber laser system as compared to a CO₂ system Flight™ Technology also provides increased laser longevity which is key when considering ROI for manufacturing applications. In addition with its increased power and energy absorption characteristics Flight™ Technology will be capable of accessing a much different range of  process-able materials and operational flexibility as compared to standard laser sintering systems, which allows for increased freedom for future AM material and application development.

With robust laser power, improved energy distribution to the material, and smaller laser spot size, the new Flight™ Technology achieves significantly higher power density upon reaching the surface of the powder bed, thus enabling the full sintering of powder in an extremely short amount of time. With scanning speed of over 20m/s (66 ft/s), Flight™ Technology is able to achieve extreme sintering speeds that pushes the additive manufacturing productivity to a new level.

Fine detail & performance
Flight™ Technology was developed to take advantage of a new set of unique scanning algorithms, a powerful dynamic optical system, and the advantages of a system with fully open parameters. Flight™ Technology is able to achieve a more homogenous energy distribution over the processing surface, and a finer spot size compare to the standard laser sintering systems, while at the same time ensuring good energy penetration throughout the entire process. This results in improved feature detail compared to other plastic powder-based technologies with feature details as small as 0.3mm (0.012 inch) while still achieving the part property benefits of standard laser sintering.

“The additive manufacturing world is evolving at an amazing pace,” says Dr. Xu Xiaoshu Chairman of Farsoon Technologies. “In order to meet the demands of existing and new customers who are looking to adopt this technology for manufacturing we need to match their requirements for productivity. With Flight™ Technology we have greatly enhanced the capabilities of high-speed laser sintering to meet the needs of high-volume production.”

Farsoon is working with customers and partners to transform the future of additive manufacturing with vision and innovation. Along with Farsoon’s complete line of metal and plastic laser sintering and melting systems as well as the all new Continuous Additive Manufacturing Solutions (CAMS), Flight™ Technology is another step in the direction of manufacturing of additive. Flight™ Technology will be offered as an option for future Farsoon systems allowing for a wide range of platform sizes and capabilities.

With unparalleled capacity for productivity and detailing, Farsoon will be bringing plastic laser sintering on step closer to production. Farsoon will be next showcasing the Flight Technology at AMUG in April and RAPID + TCT in May 2019.

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